Dark CSS style for Package Control

For packagecontrol.io


Dark CSS style for Font Awesome

Conforming to a standard is not an indicator of code quality. However, I use Font Awesome in all my projects, because following a standard saves time. For some weird reason, Font Awesome is also bright light… thusly I have my own custom CSS for a darker, simpler and cleaner way to view and search FA-icons.


Dark CSS style for Google Keep

As a self-proclaimed Google henchman, I obviously love Google Keep. But similar to a Mogwai or a vampire, I don’t like bright light. Google seems hellbent on blinding us users, probably in a scheme to sneakily implement Google Eye… So here is my custom CSS for a darker, more pleasantly Keep interface.

To add this style to Keep, I use the extension My Style. Actually, I prefer my modified version of My Style, because as everything else it’s bright light, but to each their own…

Google Keep CSS updated: 31.01.15